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AnaBios Corporation社は、ヒトの細胞や組織サンプルを用いて、電気生理やイメージング等のサービスを行っています。痛み、痒み、神経変性疾患、心毒性等、動物実験の結果からヒトでの予測が難しい領域において、Human DRG、Human Heartを用いたPhase-X®の試験が可能です。
DRG, heart tissue, CSF等のヒトサンプルのご購入については、"Purchase Support"ページをご覧ください。

◆ Human DRG neurons : Human DRG neuronsを用いたCaイメージングや電気生理、増殖アッセイ等が可能です。
  • Ligand-gated channels and receptors
  • Cold-, warm-, mechano-activated channels and receptors
  • Voltage gated channels
    (proprietary Electrical Field Stimulation technology)
  • In vitro human models for inflammatory pain or neuropathic pain
  • Pruritogen-induced responses (histamine, serotonin, chloroquine etc.) in the presence or absence of pro-inflammatory agents
Calcium imaging-based profiling of human sensory neurons responses to chemical and physical stimulations. This technology provides an efficient way to test the activity of new drug candidates on large populations of human neurons.
電場刺激によるvoltage gated チャネルの活性化
Electrical Field Stimulation (EFS) of human sensory neurons in culture results in activation of voltage gated ion channels. Following stimulation, the activation of the volatge gated sodium channels is monitored by fluorescence-based imaging of ion influx in the neuron.
The pharmachology of EFS-induced responses in human sensory neurons in culture.
  • Voltage clamp (voltage-, ligand-gated channels)
    • IC50 determination; frequency-, voltage-dependence
  • Current clamp
    • Modulation of neuronal excitability (step or ramp current injection)
    • Modulation of response to sensitizing agents
    • Modulation of response to pruritogens and sensitizing agents
    • In vitro human models for inflammatory pain or neuropathic pain
Voltage clamp-based recordings of voltage gated sodium channels current in human sensory neurons. This methodology allows the profiling of voltage gated channels expressed in human sensory neurons and the determiknation of the potency of novel drug candidates.

Current clamp-based recordings of action potentials in human sensory neurons. The effect of novel drug candidates on human sensory neuron excitability can be assessed in these kind of experiments.

  • Cell viability
  • Apoptosis/necrosis
  • Neurite extension/degeneration
  • ◆ Viable human heart : Viable human heart tissueを用いた電気生理の試験が可能です。
    • Drug-induced arrhythmia: sharp electrode recording of membrane potential for assessment of:
      • EAD
      • APD30, APD60 and APD90
      • Short Term Variability
      • Triangulation
    • Drug-induced positive/negative inotropic effects: contraction/relaxation in ventricular trabeculae
    • Drug-induced hyper-/hypo-tension: contraction/relaxation in coronary artery rings
    • Drug-induced valvulopathy
    • Myocardial cytotoxicity
    • Electrophysiology-based drug profiling (Atrial fibrillation, Ventricular arrhythmia)
      • Sharp electrode recording of membrane potential
      • Ventricular and atrial tissue
    • Myocardial tissue contractility (heart failure, ventricular hypertrophy)
    • Cardiac mesenchymal stem cells (heart failure, ventricular hypertrophy)
    • Coronary artery disease
    • Valvular disease
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